The Philharmonic Society together with the Ala Municipal Administration, in view of the inadequate number of entries, announces that the 8th Edition of the International Competition for Plucked String Instrumental Groups “Giacomo Sartori” will be postponed and will be held April 21-23, 2023. The new call for entries will be presented soon. The secretariat of the Giacomo Sartori Competition will make contact with the groups that have already signed up for registration to arrange further and possible fulfillments. We would like to thank those who have supported and followed the Giacomo Sartori Competition with participation and sharing so far, confident in an intense and rich, post-pandemic revival, we refer you to the next communications and activities of the Philharmonic Society of Ala.

The 8th edition of the International Competition for Plucked String Instrumental Groups “Giacomo Sartori” of Ala (TN) will be held April 21-23, 2023.

Compulsory excerpts – 1st part

Category A) mandolin and guitar duo

  • L’ultimo addio, by Giacomo Sartori;
  • Nostalgie Viennesi, by Giuseppe Mario Sartori;
  • Il Bacio, by Domenico Sartori.

Category B) Quartet

  • Fior Trentino, by Giacomo Sartori;
  • Notturno Veneziano, by Carlo Munier.

Category B) Quintet

  • Nostalgie di Merano, by Giuseppe Mario Sartori;
  • Quintetto in mi minore, by Eizaburō Hirayama.

Category C) Plucked string instruments orchestra

  • Omaggio a Trento, by Giacomo Sartori;
  • Serenata Trentina – Omaggio ad Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli, by Claudio Mandonico.

Il Concorso

Here you can find informative material about the contest:


Akira Yanagisawa – 🇯🇵Japan

Born in Tokyo, he has a degree in pedagogy and composition. He graduated in orchestral conducting both at the “Gioacchino Rossini” Conservatory of Pesaro and at the Music Academy of Pescara, in the three-year course of high specialization held by M. Donato Renzetti. His composition “Suite n.2” was chosen as a compulsory piece in the 6th edition of the “Giacomo Sartori” competition in 2017, to which he was also invited as a member of the international jury. He is associate director of Fujiwara Opera and permanent director of the high school mandolin club “Aoyama Gakuin” in Tokyo.

Claudio Mandonico – 🇮🇹Italy

He began his musical studies at the Bresciano Youth Center for Music Education and then studied composition at the Brescia Conservatory under the guidance of Giancarlo Facchinetti, graduating with full marks. Eclectic author and performer, he has composed pieces for the most varied instrumental groups that have been successfully performed both in Italy and abroad. For some years he has dedicated himself to the production for plectrum orchestra, deepening his knowledge with the Orchestra of Mandolins and Guitars “Città di Brescia” which he has directed since 1985 and with which he has toured in Italy and abroad. Of particular prestige is the performance at the San Carlo Theater in Naples. He also carries out concert activities in various chamber ensembles (“Caronte” group, etc.). As a cornetist, flutist and harpsichordist he is part of the Ancient Music Group “Paride e Bernardo Dusi” with whom he has participated in important musical events such as the Venice Biennale, Settembre Musica in Turin, the Schwetzingen Ancient Music Festival (Germany) . Since 1988 he has held a course in orchestral conducting and score analysis annually. He is currently a lecturer at the three-year conducting course of Band in Bergamo and at the summer internship in Riva del Garda. His activity as a composer is constant.

Felix Resch – 🇮🇹Italy

Felix Resch has been Rector of the Bolzano Conservatory “Claudio Monteverdi” from 2008 to 2014 where he is full professor of music theory and analysis. During his composition studies with Professor Francesco Valdambrini at Bolzano Conservatory he began composing a considerable number of various chamber music works (Quartetto d’archi, Sonata Pf. e Vlc. Cadenz per VI. Solo, Ballade per Pf. Fantasia per Ob. e Pf.) and orchestral works (Perspektive I per orchestra, Perspektive II Fl. solo e orchestra, Strade segnate Soprano set to texts by Marco Cagol). He graduated in choral music and choral conducting in 1981 and started his teaching activity at Tartini Trieste Conservatory while he continued composing alongside his job as a choir director. He has been awarded various national and international prizes as choir director of the musical ensemble “ars cantandi” (in Arezzo, Verona, Vittorio Veneto) and as composer of choir music in Italy, Austria, the Czech Republic, Spain, Switzerland, Hungaria and Germany. Among his major compositions of that time are the oratorio “Michael Pacher” (set to a text by Karl Lubomirsky for choir and orchestra, performed in Brunico, Bolzano (I), St. Wolfgang (A) and Szombathely (H), “über allen Gipfeln” prize AGEC, “T.T.T. 1908” for actor and brass ensemble, Gustav Mahler-Wochen/Dobbiaco (text by Hermann Winkler), “Geraum” for 2 percussions and choir (text by Oswald Egger), “kaiseriade” (text by n.c. Kaser) for wood orchestra commissioned by Festspiele Uster; a capella choir citiamo “Wachsamkeit” (es. Stimmen/Innsbruck), “Sgelo” (text by Sebastiano Satta, commissioned work Spittal a.d. Drau, Austria), “Horizontale Verschiebungen” (text by J.W.v. Goethe) commissioned by Transart Bolzano. The compositional work of Resch is characterised by interdisciplinarity and shows different aspects of contemporaneity.
Various compositions of Felix Resch have been registered by radio/TV public Rai/ORF/SFS and recorded on CD.

Leopoldo Saracino – 🇮🇹Italy

He completed his musical studies under the guidance of Ruggero Chiesa at the G. Verdi Conservatory in Milan, graduating with full marks. He perfected himself following the Wiener Meisterkurses with David Russell and various masterclasses with Oscar Ghiglia, Leo Brouwer and David Tanenbaum. He has given concerts in Italy, Switzerland, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania, Greece, Canada and Germany. He recorded the complete works for guitar and fortepiano by Ferdinando Carulli (on 8 CDs) and the chamber works by Filippo Gragnani and Anton Diabelli. He made the first full recording of Luigi Legnani’s 36 Capricci. He is a member of the “Milan ‘808 Ensemble”. He has collaborated with the Divertimento Ensemble, with the Dedalo Ensemble with the MDI Ensemble and with the New Made Ensemble. For some years he has also dedicated himself to the theorbo for the realization of the continuo, collaborating with various ensembles of ancient and baroque music.

Pieter Van Tichelen – 🇧🇪Belgium

Pieter Van Tichelen first laid eyes and fingers on a mandolin at the age of 6. After graduating with high honours at the music academy of Brasschaat in 1996, he pursued studies in musicology at the University of Leuven. In 2000 he graduated magna cum laude to a Master’s degree in Musicology on a thesis about 17th century mandolin history. Afterwards he took up mandolin classes at the Tilburg Catholic Conservatory with professor Benny Ludemann (not pursued until graduation). Pieter has played mandolin in several of Belgium’s symphonic and opera orchestras (Vlaamse Opera, De Munt, Vlaams Radio Orkest etc.). He also recorded several CD’s as session musician, and played several years in a Dutch-Belgian folk ensemble (Aerdewerck). For more than 15 years, he formed a permanent mandolin-guitar duo with guitarist Johan Dias. Pieter is active as musician in the mandolin orchestra of Brasschaat (Brasschaats Mandoline-Orkest) since 1993, and started as assistant conductor and board member since 2010. As musicologist specialized in mandolin history, Pieter has uncovered several manuscripts and prints with parts for mandolin who were either though lost or even completely unknown (such the variation sequence La Pierre de Touche by Gabriele Leone from 1768, or the mandolin-piano sonata by Michele Bolaffi from 1794). He was honoured twice with a guest professorship at the Antwerp Music Conservatory to teach early mandolin history (to ca. 1850). In June 2018, he presented a paper at Mainz university on the subject of “Tolerance between instrumental repertories or commercial tricks? Mandolin-related prints prior to 1850” (publication forthcoming). Pieter shares the results from his ongoing research on his blog ( and often includes modern and urtext editions of his discoveries.

In the Jury also the historical organisers and architects of the Giacomo Sartori project: the Artistic Director of the Competition, Ugo Orlandi, and the current President of the Philharmonic Society Luigi Azzolini.

Ugo Orlandi – 🇮🇹Italy

Artistic Director of the “Giacomo Sartori” Competition since the First Edition. Concertist, professor of Mandolin at the “G. Verdi “in Milan.

Luigi Azzolini – 🇮🇹Italy

Member of the Artistic Direction of the Giacomo Sartori Competition since the First Edition and promoter of the Sartori Project, he is active in the concert field as a violist. Chorus and orchestra director, he made several recordings and first performances. He is a professor at the Conservatory “C. Monteverdi “of Bolzano.